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The JRC Engineering motor cycle carburettor

Own a classic motor bike? Having problems with modern fuels reacting to the classic fuel system? Time to look at the JRC Engineering carburettor, a direct replacement for the Amal carburrettors commonly fitted to AJS, Matchless, Norton, Royal Enfield and similar machines. Now available exclusively from Brill Bike Parts, the JRC Engineering carburettor provides an effective answer to problems posed by new fuels when used with classic bikes

The JRC Engineering motor cycle carburettor

Available as a complete kit or individual components, the carburettors are available in 26, 30 and 32mm throat sizes, and come with a selection of jets to allow tuning for specific installations

The JRC Engineering motor cycle carburettor

JRC carburettors, the best option for improved performance from classic motor cycles with modern fuels.

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